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The following lists the discussion papers and final revised papers published within the last 60 days.
27 Sep 2016
Pleistocene climate characteristics in the most continental part of the northern hemisphere: insights from cryolithological features of the Batagay mega thaw slump in the Siberian Yana Highlands
Kseniia Ashastina, Lutz Schirrmeister, Margret Fuchs, and Frank Kienast
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-84, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
26 Sep 2016
Greenland during the last interglacial: the relative importance of insolation and oceanic changes
Rasmus A. Pedersen, Peter L. Langen, and Bo M. Vinther
Clim. Past, 12, 1907-1918, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1907-2016, 2016
26 Sep 2016
Assimilation of Pseudo-Tree-Ring-Width observations into an Atmospheric General Circulation Model
Walter Acevedo, Bijan Fallah, Sebastian Reich, and Ulrich Cubasch
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-92, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
21 Sep 2016
On the spatial and temporal variability of ENSO precipitation and drought teleconnection in mainland Southeast Asia
Timo A. Räsänen, Ville Lindgren, Joseph H. A. Guillaume, Brendan M. Buckley, and Matti Kummu
Clim. Past, 12, 1889-1905, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1889-2016, 2016
20 Sep 2016
A 414-year tree-ring-based April–July minimum temperature reconstruction and its implications for the extreme climate events, northeast China
Shanna Lyu, Zongshan Li, Yuandong Zhang, and Xiaochun Wang
Clim. Past, 12, 1879-1888, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1879-2016, 2016
15 Sep 2016
A glaciochemical study of 120 m ice core from Mill Island, East Antarctica
Mana Inoue, Mark A. J. Curran, Andrew D. Moy, Tas D. van Ommen, Alexander D. Fraser, Helen E. Phillips, and Ian D. Goodwin
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-72, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
14 Sep 2016
The Last Glacial Termination on the eastern flank of the central Patagonian Andes (47° S)
William I. Henríquez, Rodrigo Villa-Martínez, I. Vilanova, R. De Pol-Holz, and P. Moreno
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-89, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
13 Sep 2016
From Monsoon to marine productivity in the Arabian Sea: insights from glacial and interglacial climates
Priscilla Le Mézo, Luc Beaufort, Laurent Bopp, Pascale Braconnot, and Masa Kageyama
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-88, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
12 Sep 2016
Interactions between climate change and human activities during the early to mid-Holocene in the eastern Mediterranean basins
Jean-Francois Berger, Laurent Lespez, Catherine Kuzucuoğlu, Arthur Glais, Fuad Hourani, Adrien Barra, and Jean Guilaine
Clim. Past, 12, 1847-1877, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1847-2016, 2016
08 Sep 2016
The effect of greenhouse gas concentrations and ice sheets on the glacial AMOC in a coupled climate model
Marlene Klockmann, Uwe Mikolajewicz, and Jochem Marotzke
Clim. Past, 12, 1829-1846, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1829-2016, 2016
07 Sep 2016
Mode transitions in Northern Hemisphere glaciation: co-evolution of millennial and orbital variability in Quaternary climate
David A. Hodell and James E. T. Channell
Clim. Past, 12, 1805-1828, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1805-2016, 2016
06 Sep 2016
Streamflow variability over the 1881–2011 period in northern Québec: comparison of hydrological reconstructions based on tree rings and geopotential height field reanalysis
Pierre Brigode, François Brissette, Antoine Nicault, Luc Perreault, Anna Kuentz, Thibault Mathevet, and Joël Gailhard
Clim. Past, 12, 1785-1804, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1785-2016, 2016
02 Sep 2016
Testing the impact of stratigraphic uncertainty on spectral analyses of sedimentary series
Mathieu Martinez, Sergey Kotov, David De Vleeschouwer, Damien Pas, and Heiko Pälike
Clim. Past, 12, 1765-1783, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1765-2016, 2016
01 Sep 2016
Bering Sea surface water conditions during Marine Isotope Stages 12 to 10 at Navarin Canyon (IODP Site U1345)
Beth E. Caissie, Julie Brigham-Grette, Mea S. Cook, and Elena Colmenero-Hidalgo
Clim. Past, 12, 1739-1763, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1739-2016, 2016
29 Aug 2016
Summer precipitation reconstructed quantitatively using a Mid Holocene δ13C common millet record from Guanzhong Basin, China
Qing Yang, Xiaoqiang Li, Xinying Zhou, Keliang Zhao, and Nan Sun
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-87, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
25 Aug 2016
Impact of ice sheet meltwater fluxes on the climate evolution at the onset of the Last Interglacial
Heiko Goelzer, Philippe Huybrechts, Marie-France Loutre, and Thierry Fichefet
Clim. Past, 12, 1721-1737, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1721-2016, 2016
22 Aug 2016
Water and carbon stable isotope records from natural archives: a new database and interactive online platform for data browsing, visualizing and downloading
Timothé Bolliet, Patrick Brockmann, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Franck Bassinot, Valérie Daux, Dominique Genty, Amaelle Landais, Marlène Lavrieux, Elisabeth Michel, Pablo Ortega, Camille Risi, Didier M. Roche, Françoise Vimeux, and Claire Waelbroeck
Clim. Past, 12, 1693-1719, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1693-2016, 2016
19 Aug 2016
The South American monsoon variability over the last millennium in climate models
Maisa Rojas, Paola A. Arias, Valentina Flores-Aqueveque, Anji Seth, and Mathias Vuille
Clim. Past, 12, 1681-1691, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1681-2016, 2016
18 Aug 2016
Hosed vs. unhosed: interruptions of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a global coupled model, with and without freshwater forcing
Nicolas Brown and Eric D. Galbraith
Clim. Past, 12, 1663-1679, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1663-2016, 2016
18 Aug 2016
Changes to the tropical circulation in the mid-Pliocene and their implications for future climate
Shawn Corvec and Christopher G. Fletcher
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-83, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
17 Aug 2016
Mid-to-late Holocene temperature evolution and atmospheric dynamics over Europe in regional model simulations
Emmanuele Russo and Ulrich Cubasch
Clim. Past, 12, 1645-1662, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1645-2016, 2016
11 Aug 2016
Reconstructing geographical boundary conditions for palaeoclimate modelling during the Cenozoic
Michiel Baatsen, Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen, Anna S. von der Heydt, Henk A. Dijkstra, Appy Sluijs, Hemmo A. Abels, and Peter K. Bijl
Clim. Past, 12, 1635-1644, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1635-2016, 2016
08 Aug 2016
Sensitivity of Pliocene climate simulations in MRI-CGCM2.3 to respective boundary conditions
Youichi Kamae, Kohei Yoshida, and Hiroaki Ueda
Clim. Past, 12, 1619-1634, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1619-2016, 2016
05 Aug 2016
North American regional climate reconstruction from Ground Surface Temperature Histories
Fernando Jaume-Santero, Carolyne Pickler, Hugo Beltrami, and Jean-Claude Mareschal
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-85, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 2 comments)
03 Aug 2016
The role of basal hydrology in the surging of the Laurentide Ice Sheet
William H. G. Roberts, Antony J. Payne, and Paul J. Valdes
Clim. Past, 12, 1601-1617, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1601-2016, 2016
02 Aug 2016
Freshening of the Labrador Sea as a trigger for Little Ice Age development
Montserrat Alonso-Garcia, Helga F. Kleiven, Jerry F. McManus, Paola Moffa-Sanchez, Wallace Broecker, and Benjamin P. Flower
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-80, 2016
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 3 comments)
01 Aug 2016
Could the Pliocene constrain the equilibrium climate sensitivity?
J. C. Hargreaves and J. D. Annan
Clim. Past, 12, 1591-1599, doi:10.5194/cp-12-1591-2016, 2016
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